Popple release party!

Party time! I had an absolute blast last night at the release party. There has been a lot of ups and downs for our small start up, but this has definitely been the best way to kick things off. Have to thank Baja Sharkeez in Newport Beach for hosting all of our friends.

It was just good for me to take a breath and know that things are coming around. There has been a lot of uncertainty, did I do the right thing making a start up instead of seeking full time employment, how long would my money last etc… I cant begin to tell you how much I appreciated every good congratulatory handshake, and pat on the back from everyone who did. One of my former bosses from Obsidian was in attendance and he had great things to say and wished us well also. Last I just want to thank God for the infinite grace and mercy he continues to show for me. Alright, time to go back to work, have a “new” game to finish up so we can “announce” it.

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