Aero GP


Aero GP is air racing at its finest on the iPhone and iPod touch. Our finely tuned controls deliver the best virtual flying experience you can get. In Aero GP youll pilot your plane through 4 full length courses and race against other competitors for first place! Flying Aces and GoPlay Games are proud to present the officially licensed Aero GP air racing game.


  • 4 airplanes to pilot, designed straight from 4 actual Aero GP teams.
  • 4 increasingly challenging courses to race through.
  • Tutorials for the novice Wingman.
  • High scores to keep track of the Aces.

Super Smoothie


Super Smoothie is one of the most creative and cutest shape matching games (with a twist) on the iPhone to date. In Super Smoothie, you move and combine fruit to increase their values. You can control the direction of gravity by turning the phone. In Super Smoothie, you score by dragging fruit into Belinda the blender. Belinda is a lively one, she reacts to the happenings in game and she’ll often offer you score bonuses.

Fans of puzzle games and matching games will love Super Smoothie. We have taken the best parts of shape matching games and added our own “spin”.


Super Smoothie features 2 Modes of Gameplay (Campaign and Gauntlet), Online Leaderboards, Facebook Integration, Achievements and Unlockable Content.




Popple is a game that will challenge your speed, reflexes, and memory. The goal is simple, survive! Do not let the curtain close! The falling bubbles need to be popped in the correct order displayed at the top of the screen to slightly raise the curtain. The sequence will change randomly so stay alert! With each correct sequence pop, your score multiplier increases, so accuracy is key. Popple hits home for anyone who likes fast paced, easy to learn, arcade or puzzle games. Let your brain have some fun, play Popple.


  • Campaign Mode (Easy, Medium, Hard)
  • Endurance Mode
  • Powerups and Hazards
  • High replay value
  • Future updates

Popple is AVAILABLE NOW on the iTunes Store