GoPlay Games is independent iPhone game development company founded in 2009. We create simple, unique and innovative games for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Aero GP

Aero GP is air racing at its finest on the iPhone and iPod touch. Our finely tuned controls deliver the best virtual flying experience you can get.

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Super Smoothie

Super Smoothie is one of the most creative and cutest shape matching games (with a twist) on the iPhone to date. In Super Smoothie, you move and combine fruit to increase their values.

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Popple is a game that will challenge your speed, reflexes, and memory. The goal is simple, survive! Do not let the curtain close!

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Why Are People Getting Hooked on Role Playing Games?

Playing games are what most kids and adolescents love whenever they have the spare time to do so or when they want to unwind themselves from schoolwork. However, a simple pleasure can somehow turn into an addiction, which leads to the negligence of their studies and poor time management. Game designers make story lines that are catchy with attractive-looking characters and backgrounds. The game becomes much challenging as it progresses, giving players the urge to continue playing until they reach the maximum level or the last and the most difficult enemy; for some instances, new levels are being offered, tempting players not to stop playing. There are plenty of reasons behind game addiction, depending on one’s preference. Though two-player games can be fun since you get to socialize with others, role-playing games (RPGs), however, are much addicting due to its concept of building your character, attending to missions, and at times, testing your analytical skills by solving mysteries just to get going. Unlike fighting games, RPGs require a lot of patience since it involves difficult obstacles and tough bosses. RPGs are mainly designed with difficult yet solvable levels– enough to compel players to train their designated or chosen characters harder and enough to compete with enemies that are quite difficult to defeat.

Here are some of the reasons why most people, especially the adolescents, are hooked up with:

1. Challenging levels

Whether you are just starting out or in the middle of the game, you will always face different hurdles in each mission. Your enemies will always be two levels ahead of you to make the game more interesting and thrilling.

2. Character growth

  • Though it is mainly your objective to finish the level you are currently in, it is also important to increase your character’s stat or train your character for an easier and faster progress of your game.
  • Some games allow you to add items to make your character’s stat improve/level up.

3. Mind-twisting cases

  • Whilst role playing games were generally created for character growth, part of it also tests the players’ capability in handling problems, gathering clues, and focus.

4. Socialization

  • Role-playing games allow you to interact with people from across the globe, as long as there is an internet connection. Other games require you to have internet access since some missions can only be succeeded by a group.
  • Other games allow you to bump into other online players for your character to grow and gain higher levels.
  • Apart from the mission, you get to meet different people who are also into the game you are currently playing.

5. Ending

  • This will always be the primary reason why people are hooked up with role-playing games.Nobody knows how the game would possibly end unless you are too dependent on online search engines, and that is what makes the game even more compelling to play.
  • There can be two to three different endings plotted on a game, and it is certainly up to you how you want to end your game; while some games are only programmed with one ending.

Generally, these are mainly the reasons why most players are tied up with role playing games, albeit some also have their own set of reasons. Just like another game genre, role-playing games are also created for entertainment purposes, but apparently, others have lost their self-control, to the extent of getting addicted to it. Addiction to games is an issue you should not ignore as it can affect one’s lifestyle, social life, and performance at work or in school. Actions must be made immediately to prevent such incident from occurring.

Starting your own Game Company

Most hardcore gamers would most likely have thought of opening up their own game development company. Sure, you may be an expert in gaming and have a lot of ideas for new games, but do you have what it takes to run your own business? If you think you do, here are a few steps to take to really set up your own gaming company.

Step 1: Make it a hobby first

If you are really serious about being a game developer, practice and turn it into a hobby first. You can work with some existing game development companies. This way, you will also know if it is the right career path for you.

Step 2: Learn the Ropes


In order to learn how to make video games, you have to first break down what a video game is. You have to know the anatomy of a video game and know the tools that can be used to create games. For that, you may need to take up some courses so that professionals can teach you step by step.

Step 3: Consider the Costs before going into business

Once you are ready to make a business, then you have to consider the costs. When starting a business on limited capital, always start small. If you will start as a home-based business or a freelancer, you will have to consider these costs:

  • At least $1,000 for a whole computer set
  • $20 for a mouse
  • $20 for a keyboard
  • $1,000 for utilities (electricity, and internet)
  • $10 for licensed sound effects for your games
  • $100 for game music
  • $200 for a printer and scanner
  • Around $2,000 for licensed softwares
  • $3,000 for other miscellaneous

As you expand, your costs will grow. You will probably need more computers, employees, business licenses, and a rented space. Before expansion happens, you need to be able to make a business plan on how you expect your company to profit and grow.

CSGO Skills: Connecting mobile gaming to PC

More and more mobile apps and games are being developed every year, and developers have always been driven to develop innovative, ground-breaking apps. One of the latest advancements developers made in the industry is the connection between simple mobile games and PC and/or console games. Developers are wise enough to understand the needs and demands of the players all over the world. Mobile devices may be more handy and convenient than PC, but they also have various disadvantages. Some prefer PCs where there is almost no limitation in gaming. Others, on the other hand, stick to portable gadgets which they can bring anytime and anywhere.

PC gaming is undoubtedly what majority of the players prefer, but nowadays, mobile devices are the thing. This basically shows how the two needs to complement in every possible way. With the emergence of third party market places, gambling dens as well as news sites dedicated to csgo skins, there was always going to be spill over into the mobile industry. Realizing this demand, the development of mobile apps and games that complement bigger PC and/ or console games have dramatically increased.

screenshot_homeRecently released apps like CSGO Skills contribute to the growth of this latest advancement in the app development industry. CSGO Skills is a free mobile trainer game app developed by Maple Apps GmbH, a Germany-based mobile app development company. The game lets you watch video tutorials by hardcore CSGO players, helping other players hone their skills in the game. As a video trainer app, users will most likely want to connect their mobile devices to PC or consoles which have bigger screens and where they can have better tutorial experiences. Personally, as an avid player of CSGO, I find this game really helpful. I’ve basically grown interest in it, which made me do research and write this article. I just think it’s really useful for players like me and even for developers who might want to get helpful insights.

For 4 years, Maple Apps GmbH has worked with several major agencies and brands and has developed their own mobile apps to app stores as well. The company specializes in native mobile apps particularly for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerryX. With only 3 app developers, 2 businessmen, and 1 designer, it just seems so amazing how this company has developed such masterpiece. Not to mention their ever extreme goal of developing ten product launches every single year, with just the six of them. You might think it’s impossible, but for them, the sky is the only limit.

Activision Buys King Digital Entertainment

It was spring of 2013 when the first ever virtual candy puzzler game, Candy Crush Saga, was born. The popular candy-crushing game gained much attention and was then launched on Facebook in October 2014. Later, it was released as a mobile game for Android and iPhone. The original game was constantly modified for players’ satisfaction – from the simple Candy Crush Saga to the new Candy Crush Soda Saga with a fresher concept of soda, gummy bears, and much more.

Truly, “King”, the creators of the popular candy game Candy Crush Saga, has made a great deal of success. No wonder why Activision decided to buy the King Digital Entertainment. As we have a similar game on the market here at GoPlay Games, Super Smoothie, I thought I would spend some time today reviewing this massive news for the industry.

Activision Blizzard is a US organization driven to make video games for mobile and PC platforms. Apparently, both organizations find this deal, well, a good deal. Activision Blizzard has bought King Digital Entertainment for $5.9 billion. This deal is considered as one of the biggest deal in the industry. It’s even far bigger than how Microsoft Inc.’s purchased Minecraft for $2.5 billion. That’s more than twice, man. More than twice!

Why did Activision spend this much for this game, you ask? Well, the organization aims to lead the mobile video game industry. This deal, they said, will strengthen the global position of Activision by 0.21%, making them the largest publisher in the entertainment business. Now that’s worth a couple of million dollars!

Regardless of how good or bad this deal is for both organizations, however, this news affects the world – all the players as well as small “indie” developers.


Because King has already been bought by Activision, it’s possible that the game they’ve created such as Candy Crush Saga won’t be free. How does this affect small independent developers? As many know, most indie developers don’t have enough funds for the production, which makes them depend mostly on digital distribution – freestanding products and downloadable content. They develop games based on free existing games in the market. If games aren’t for free, then they will most likely have a real hard time developing their own. There are are in-app purchases, but because they don’t have financial support, it will still be a problem.

This deal, on the other hand, offers various benefits for sweet tooth candy crush players and indie game developers. There is a big possibility that Activision will upgrade the game. And upgrade means upgrade!

Game Developers Conference 2015

gdconf15The GDC or the Game Developers Conference 2015 was held last August 3-4, 2015 at Cologne, Germany. It was one of the largest events ever that was attended by professionals in the game industry and we were given the opportunity to attend. The main objective of the event was to inspire and teach those professionals and the community in the game industry.

Attending the conference has given us the chance to obtain further information, knowledge and skills about game development. The topics were discussed by the experts in the industry. Aside from the tutorials and summits, we also learned valuable insights about the following:

  • Business and Management Track logo – We were able to see the whole playing field of the game development business, and we have gained insights about how to expand in it.
  • Game Design Track logo – The attendees were given the opportunity to learn how to create immersive, compelling games that require thorough visualizing, understanding, tuning and demonstrating using various game systems and tools.
  • Production Track – This category helps developers to have solid techniques in managing game production regardless of the scope and size of the game.
  • Programming Track logo – As a game developer, we have been facing challenges in producing games. Through the Programming Track, we learned how to attract the attention of the public because it focuses on the challenges presented by the new generation including mature consoles, competitive sales environment, new handhelds and high production values.

Attending the Game Developers Conference 2015 is a great opportunity for game developers and other professionals in the industry. It provides new insights about the cutting-edge technologies. The GDC 2015 isn’t only for game developers but also for venture capitalists and business development managers, visual artists and game designers, executive producers and programmers.

What makes this event worthy to attend is that the hosts and speakers are icons in the game industry, thus it’s guaranteed that the attendees are bound to learn brilliant information as each mentor offers the best content for each session. Likewise, all the major concerns regarding game development were addressed; at the same time, the attendees have also discovered new possibilities that they can venture in this ever growing game development world.

The Game Developers Conference 2015 was the perfect event that gathered professionals having the same interest. It gave everyone the chance to cope with the ever-changing landscape of video game development.

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